• Blockchain Made Simple

    Consulting, Development, & Staffing

  • What's all the hype about?

    Blockchain is a transformative technology, here's why.

    Still skeptical? Check out J.P. Morgan's recent report.

  • How do we help?

    Face facts, chances are you're going to have to adopt Blockchain to remain relevant.

    We help you save a LOT of time and money during the process.


    Do you want to hire and train a team to identify, analyze, and test all the different technologies coming to market or do you want to be able to pick up the phone and ask us? We're specialists in this industry you can rely on.


    Why go through the hassle of recruiting a developer or consultant specializing in Blockchain technology (if you can even find one) or spend resources to train existing talent when you have us? We make the process simple and affordable.

    PoC Development

    We make ideas come to life in the most efficient manner possible. Our Blockchain engineers are ready to take on any task from writing a simple smart contract to building a financial infrastructure. Contact us and let's get started!

  • Management Profiles

    We've got some serious Blockchain nerds!

    Ian Worrall

    Ian has a background in Finance and Technology and can find multiple solutions to any problem. He quit trading derivatives full time because he "wanted to actually contribute to society."

    Quincy Ruckert

    Quincy formerly worked at a boutique IT Consulting firm with offices in San Francisco and Charlotte. He is relentless at achieving his goals while also keeping the team focused.

    Jordan Harris

    Jordan is the clutch player who can find the answer to anything and teach himself before anyone has time to pick up their phones. He also takes Pokemon VERY seriously so don't even bring it up.

    Everyone Else

    We also have a constantly growing pool of IT consultants, experienced developers, and sales partners crucial to our company.

  • About Our Company

    We never stop striving to be better

    Helping others advance

    If you have your own Blockchain PoCs in mind we can definitely determine if they are viable, find the best platform, tools, and/or technology to develop them, and help get them up and running.

    Expanding our own product line

    We also have a lot of technology at our fingertips that you will most likely find beneficial. Get in touch with us and we can get you up to speed.

    Message from the CEO

    First, I guarantee you have asked yourself "Is Blockchain revolutionary or just hype?" Well, it is definitely transformative and we can prove it to you.


    Second, Do not try to force something to work with the Blockchain. Instead identify a problem or inefficiency within your organization or think about something you wish was more efficient in your daily routine and we can help you determine if Blockchain is a viable solution.

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